About Us

Christopher Carlton
Chairman, Chief Executive
Officer and Co-Founder

The Accure Commitment

Accure is committed to developing a novel and impactful solution for acne sufferers that employs a revolutionary technology designed to improve their long-term quality of life.

Accure is committed to developing a truly differentiated and protected product for clinicians worldwide. Accure's clinical and technical team is uniquely impressive. The Accure device has been cleared by the FDA and granted CE Mark approval which allows Accure to create a global and exclusive intellectual property portfolio.

Accure is committed to developing a uniquely compelling value proposition. Accure has developed a clear go-to-market strategy, leveraging significant commercialization experience and regulatory expertise.

Accure Team

An Extraordinary Team

Accure’s leadership team has domain expertise and significant global experience in commercializing medical devices.

In addition, Accure has curated a world-class team of clinical and technical experts, many of whom are the world's most experienced and respected partners, collaborators, and clinical researchers.

A co-founder of Accure, Dr. Rox Anderson, has had a profound global impact in healthcare. Dr. Anderson's pivotal “Theory of Selective Photothermolysis” became the basis for the laser hair removal industry, the laser tattoo removal industry, cryolipolysis, and a number of other applications.

Accure’s Principal Investigators are highly respected and world-renowned.