Clinical Results


28 Months
After Treatment 1

Accure Acne is FDA cleared and indicated for the treatment of mild to severe inflammatory acne vulgaris. This advanced laser technology targets overactive sebaceous glands to reduce sebum production and dramatically improve the appearance of facial and body acne.


35 Months
After Treatment 2

1 Photo courtesy of Dr. Emil Tanghetti. After photo taken 28 months post completion of four treatments, spaced one month apart.


2 Photo courtesy of Dr. Roy Geronemus. After photo taken 35 months post completion of four treatments, spaced one month apart.

Sophisticated Laser

  • Utilizes a 1726nm wavelength that uniquely targets sebum within the overactive sebaceous glands.

  • Instead of treating to power, the groundbreaking technology within the Accure system treats to temperature, providing a reproducible, safe and efficacious treatment every time.

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Our Practice Development Consultants and Clinical Director are dedicated professionals committed to delivering top notch education and hands on training! We will provide customized education around your busy schedule. Your entire staff is invited to participate in our engaging, compelling, insightful teachings to maximize the confidence in all things Accure!


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Safe, effective, reproducible results are a must! That's why Accure focuses on creating sophisticated technology…so you can be confident this device will provide you and your patients expected results with every treatment, that’s safe for all skin types year round!

A Global Disease
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Selective Destruction of the Sebaceous Gland

Human safety trial subject biopsy collected from back

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