Is acne affecting your self-confidence, lifestyle, or making you feel frustrated? Tired of spending time and money on medications and treatments for acne? Bothered with the side effects? Concerned there is no solution to those pesky bumps consistently showing up on your face, chest or back? Think again.

Accure Acne therapy is a safe and effective solution to your skin concerns.


24 Months
After Treatment1

1 Photo courtesy of Dr. Emil Tanghetti. After photo taken 24 months post completion of four treatments, spaced one month apart.

“Following a series of 4 Accure treatments, my patient shared how significantly this treatment positively impacted their life…”

Dr. Christine C. Dierickx, Skinperium, Luxembourg


They found themself feeling a new sense of confidence!
Started interacting with others on a more frequent basis.
As their confidence increased, they started to live a more social and active lifestyle…

How could Accure impact your life?


What is the Accure Acne Treatment?

Accure is a new treatment, utilizing a unique laser wavelength specifically for acne. The treatment safely and effectively targets the sebaceous gland, reducing the production of sebum (oil). By reducing the amount of oil produced, the appearance of facial or body acne is significantly improved.

How long will it take to see results?

Most patients begin seeing results after their first treatment and see continued results after each treatment. Studies showed an 80% reduction in acne lesions after 4 treatments and sustaining results over time.

Does it hurt?

Prior to treatment, the area is numbed. During the treatment, the majority of patients find it to be tolerable.

I've tried other treatments (peels, IPL, laser, light therapy) for my acne, but they didn't work/last. Why would the Accure treatment be different?

Peels, IPL other laser treatments and light therapy are unable to target sebaceous glands. Only the unique wavelength and advanced system functions utilized by the Accure Laser System is proven to safely and effectively target the overactive glands.

Is there any downtime?

Most patients experience little to no downtime. Your skin might be flushed, red, or puffy after the treatment. This resolves within a couple of days. You might notice a temporary acne flare-up, this is normal. There should be no disruption to your regular schedule and activities.